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About Us

Rugged Luxury is a family owned and operated online store providing quality products and competitive prices on durable yet luxurious key fob protectors.We pride ourselves on offering the best customer service to elevate your customer buying experience. 

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Better Materials, Better Design

Level up your key game! Get LUXURIOUS, get RUGGED with our durable fob protectors.

  • Cherri H.

    I absolutely love the quality and the design of the product. You can tell it's well made, not like the cheap rubber covers most companies sell. I highly recommend it!

  • Gwen H.

    I love the luxury feel of the cover and it was really easy to install. I recommend it 100%

  • Anthony K.

    Love the look, feel and protection. Exactly what I was hoping for after breaking my original factory key fob. Simple to install. 5 minutes and done.

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